Architectural Review Board

Per the by-laws of the Stone Creek POA, our Architectural Review Board (“ARB”) exists to help ensure consistent application of design criteria and requirements included in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (“CC&Rs”), which were drafted with the intent of maintaining community aesthetics and thus supporting property values for all.

The ARB, comprised of three appointed (volunteer) homeowners, does not intend to be a hindrance to property owners. The committee performs all architectural control functions related to architectural and design proposal review and approval, including the right to enforce covenants through assignment of violations. The role of the ARB is more specifically explained under Covenants - Phase 1, Article VI.

Volunteer committee members are listed on the Board Members page and will remain active until resignation or removal by majority vote of the POA Board.

All proposed exterior changes to homes and landscaping must be approved by this committee prior to starting work.

Examples of work requiring ARB approval include, but are not limited to: changes to exterior house colors, shutters, new roof, addition of living or garage / storage space, pools, patios, fences, installation of solar panels, radio towers, visible satellite dishes or electrical / mechanical equipment and cables, tree removal, or significant changes to the landscaping in your yard.

 DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE:   [ARB Request Form]


When making an ARB request, please submit all information to:
[email protected]


  1. POA members shall fill out and submit request form and supporting documents to ARB.
  2. ARB will review the request and reach out within 3 days with an initial response. A board member may ask for additional information or to schedule an in-person visit to better understand the request.
  3. ARB will be responsive throughout the process and strive to provide a final ruling within 10 days. Some requests may take up to 60 days per the covenants.
  4. ARB will update POA Board on requests/rulings on a quarterly basis and case-by-case as needed.